The Epiphany- Our Financial Journey

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The Start Of Our Journey With You

I wanted to take a moment and welcome you to Freedom From 40, a blog about a Journey to Financial Freedom.

There is always a moment we look to when we can truly say that everything has changed. 

As I sit here, Dear Reader, I have come to the realization that everything I’ve done to this point is a waste.

Financially speaking. You can call me DM. Money Waster Supreme. Over the course of my 24 working years, I have nothing to show for my journey except for STUFF. I don’t mean high class grade-A stuff. Pretty much just random, useless, formless shit. Which brings me to this blog and brings me to you.

I am changing my ways! I had an EPIPHANY! 

To be absolutely fair and truthful, I was inspired to have an epiphany and this inspiration came from quite a few sources. We will get to them soon and I will walk you down that path with me.

As to the reason and direction this blog will take, we will journey together down the path of Financial Independence.

I want you to experience it with me. I’ll show you numbers, I’ll give you my goals, and I’ll give you all the resources necessary for you to join me, Dear Reader.

Our ultimate goal is Freedom From 40(hours of working)! It’s catchy and almost clever!

Starting Anew

We as a society are in the habit of collecting stuff, and the stuff I’ve collected can be summed up in a few categories: Clothes, shoes, electronics, and various vehicles.

Actually, I currently only have one vehicle, a motorcycle, and my girlfriend has our family’s only car.

The stuff that we collect doesn’t really add to our lives, other than needing space to be stored.

Part of my epiphany(and the inspirations that came before) was that I spend like crazy, but not just spending, consuming. It’s just too easy to whip out a card and start spending. 

I’ve racked up quite a healthy bit of debt and I honestly don’t have much to show for it. AM(my girlfriend), is currently only burdened with a student loan, plus the rate is very low. Her car is completely free and clear, and that is a wonderful place to be. 

Which kind of brings us back around to the new beginnings that this blog will track, and we want you to come with us and experience our financial journey first hand.

It will not be for the squeamish.

It will be a harrowing adventure full of excitement and accounting! We welcome you to follow along, but we also want you to join in and bring your experiences to the table.

Some of the points we will cover:

Taste The Freshness

Just because we are new to blogging, doesn’t mean we are totally newbs to helping others.

I(DM) have always been a teacher and wannabe personal trainer, and AM has always been a caregiver and wonderful Step-Mom to our son.

We want to dedicate this entire blog to helping you, Dear Reader, and to make every post as rewarding and useful as possible. We’ve dedicated our time and energy into giving you the information that you need, along with the entertainment you desire.

We ask that you join in our adventure, and make our Journey more fulfilling by helping you along yours.

We also ask that you give us all the feedback that you can, so not only do we improve, but we give you the topics that relevant to you.

Let this be your space as much as it ours.

We are excited to bring you all the tools necessary to build wealth and happiness in your life and ours.

start todayTo The Financial Future!

So sit back and relax, let us take you on our Journey.

Wealth takes time to build, but there is a lot of learning to do between now and financial freedom.

We are excited to bring you along on the Journey, Dear Reader, and to create something that you can refer to for assistance and inspiration.

As you can see there is a lot to cover and a short time to get there, so as I type these words into the interwebs, I look forward to all the excitement and joy a blog can bring, but also with fear and trepidation, because this is our lives, man! On the Internet! What the hell am I doing!

Please never hesitate to ask questions or tell us what you would like us to cover, we are in this together and you are the reason this blog exists.

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