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Take Risks to Find a Side Hustle

We all have dreams of becoming wealthy and freeing up our time to do what we want to do.

How do we get to that point, though? How do you get to freedom?

Wealthy folks got that way by having multiple income streams and spending less than they earn.

While it’s also true that they have some form of passive income, they all started by earning an active income(except those trust fund babies).

This means we have to create revenue streams for ourselves.

As we work our 9-5’s and blissfully earn a paycheck, we dream of making our own money, from our own skills(Our guide to Freelancing). This is where the side hustle comes in. This is your chance to shine.

What Business Should You Start?

Most people get analysis paralysis when trying to determine what business they should go into. Yes, a side hustle is a new business you are starting, so it makes sense to treat it as such.

While you are analyzing the opportunities, there are other entrepreneurs making things happen today.(Our article acheiving a Success Mindset)

The first thing to do is to find something you are inherently good at and find a way to capitalize on that.

For example, are you good at:

  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Design
  • Yard Work
  • Dog Walking

This list could go on forever, but you get the point. Everyone has some talent or passion that they could turn into a side hustle.

If you swear you have no talent, I would challenge you to ask your friends and family what they think.

Coming up with your talent or passion is the easy part, because after that we need to monetize it.

Your Future Dreams

Once you have determine that you have an ability that you can monetize, it’s time to dream up all the ways it can go horribly wrong and why you’ll never be able to do it.


This is analysis paralysis that we talked about earlier. Most people never start anything because they are afraid to fail. If you are afraid to fail, then you will fail.

Successful people create success because they don’t worry about the consequences.

Let’s say you create popsicle stick dollhouses, what prevents you from selling them online at a site like Etsy? Paint those suckers up nice and show off your skill! Then sell them.

What is there to be afraid of in this situation?

No matter what talent you came up with earlier, that you are mulling about in your head right now, it can be used to create a side income for you.

You dream of a life of freedom, but don’t be afraid of the first steps to get there.

Even if you have zero dollars to your name, create some flyers and tell the people around your neighborhood that you are able and willing to help them in some way.

You can come up with excuses on why you can’t, but you’re cheating yourself out of your dreams.

What’s The Right Hustle For You?

Determining what the right side hustle is for you can be difficult. Not because it is tough to find something, but you spend so much time finding the RIGHT something.

Ultimately, until you adopt a mindset of an entrepreneur(Article by Neil Patel on starting a business), you’ll keep looking forever.

The right side hustle is one you can start today.

The right side hustle is one you can start today.

Yes, I repeated myself like a loon. I wanted that part to sink in a little bit deeper. You’re reading about side hustles and contemplating what you might do to get started, and I’m saying start today.

If you take any bit of advice from this post, let it be that.

Determine ways that you can make money and then do it. No excuses.

Hustle Till It Hurts

Businesses are built on a foundation.

A foundation of blood, sweat, and tears, that an entrepreneur created and cultivated by hand. We always look to see the results of wealthy folks work and wonder why we aren’t as successful.

We tend to not see the hustle that happened behind the scenes.

One of my inspirations, Pat Flynn(Pat’s site about passive income), has created a thriving business with many different sources of income.

He actually reports his income to his audience every single month, and gives us a glimpse of how he earns his money.

The great thing about this, is that we can go all the way back to the beginning and see where he started as well.

While making 6 figures a month is absolutely amazing, it wasn’t always the case for Pat.

You have to create tons of content to get that kind of success, and you have to make these businesses by hand. No one will do it for you.

A lot of folks look for courses or get rich quick schemes (Our article on avoiding Get Rich Quick Scams)to help them find freedom, and I am here to tell you that none of that will work.

The side hustle can lead to a full time hustle, which in turn can lead to success, but don’t rely on someone else to get you there.

Pat started small and grew his business, and you can too.

Save Money and Reinvest

Once your side hustle is underway and you are seeing a few dollars come in, it’s now time to consider where this hustle is headed.

  • Can you scale the business?
  • Is it possible to offload some of the menial tasks?
  • Can you create more streams of revenue from this model?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking at this point.

Don’t get complacent and just start spending your new found earnings. Use the income to improve and grow the side hustle.

It will never become a full time hustle or a thriving business if you keep it meandering along.

Reinvest your money into making this business more efficient. Hire someone to create more popsicle dollhouses with you. It’s the only way to turn the hustle into a larger business.

Those dreams of freedom won’t come about until you can figure out how to turn this hustle into more.

Build On The Foundation

Now that you have a stable and successful business, not just a side hustle, you can look to create more revenue streams.

This is the true secret of how wealthy people became that way. Look at Pat Flynn’s income report again if you don’t believe me. He has no less than 6 sources of income as of this writing.

There have been ebbs and flows to his streams as I’m sure there will be in yours.

Once you have the foundation and you have proven that you can create revenue, use that money to create more revenue.

I don’t mean to make it sound so easy, but successful hustlers never stop hustling.

That is the difference between success and dreams of success.

This website that you are currently reading is one of the ways I am trying to hustle to a better life. I found a way to help others and write about things I love.

This is where my first side hustle started and a large part of my journey to freedom.


Side hustles are just that, a hustle.

We dream of making money on the side as we sit in our desks at work, but most of us will never take action.

  • Find your talent or passion and turn it into something you can do for money.
  • Hustle to make that business a success, then reinvest to make it more efficient.
  • Create more streams of revenue.

Once we have done those things, we can look back and see a pattern of success that can lead us to truly achieving those dreams.

Thank you so much for reading! Our dream includes helping as many people as we can to find the Freedom From 40(hours) as we can. We are on the same path! Let us know below the side hustles you’ve started. We would love to hear how they are going!

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