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Here Are a Few Recommendations

Throughout our daily lives, we use things, websites, and gear, but it always seems that we complain more than we rave. This page contains all the raves that Freedom From 40 has. We don’t like to complain and we would rather be helpful than detract from your daily life. Remember, these are our personal recommendations, and you should always research before purchasing anything.


1&1 Hosting – We are currently using 1&1 hosting and it is working out very well. They are a low cost provider, but don’t slack off in any performance areas. They have WordPress hosting and it is serving our needs well. We will write a full review once we have more time under our belt and a better understanding of all their features. Definitely give them a shot! Read our review here.

bluehost – We also highly recommend bluehost for your hosting needs. They are a little pricier to start, but their reputation for up-time and reliability is unmatched. If cost isn’t an issue for starting your blog or online store, you can use them and be confident that your site stays up and active for your readers or buyers.


M1 Finance – This is our personal investing platform of choice and we will have a full review of this coming as soon as we can. All of their basic trading options are free! In other words whether individual stocks or any funds you choose, the trades are executed for free! It’s a beautiful app with very easy to use functions. This is our choice for our broker and investing platform.

Stress Free Investing Course – Joseph Hogue, CFA has created an absolutely amazing course that takes all of the worry and stress out of investing for your future. We recommend this course because most folks spend too much time over analyzing and chasing returns in the market. If you need step by step advice that takes the stress out of investing, start here.


Amazon – We prefer to shop Amazon for ease of use and convenience, but mostly because we can find great deals there. The selection of items is unmatched and with Prime they will be delivered in 2 days. We are trying to minimize shopping and Amazon let’s us get the one item we need and be done. If you would like to shop Amazon, feel free to use one of the banners on any page and help support the blog.

Buy Used- We wrote a blog post here, that gives you a guide on how to buy used and save money. Always buy used when you can to keep expenses low.

Recommendations Disclaimer

As time goes on we will add more to this page and will only give you the absolute best of the best. We will review everything we use and that we believe will help you on your mission to Financial Freedom. These links are Affiliate links and by clicking on them we may receive compensation. If you want to support us, this is the best way to keep this blog thriving.