Our story begins in a tiny town in North Carolina, where a boy was born to loving parents….wait I’ve probably gone too far back! The journey did begin in North Carolina, and then during High School, the adventure moved to Florida. My name is Derrick and we will start with my story.

Derrick’s Story

Weirdly, my family moved a bunch as a kid. I went to 5 elementary schools in 6 years. The longest I spent at one school was 3 years in Middle School. It meant that I spent most of my time making new friends and leaving old ones.

This was way before social media and being able to connect easily across the miles.

I was a super fast learner that was continually in gifted programs and being bored with standard schooling. This led to a lot of trouble making and was intensified by my ADD.

To this day I multi task and start multiple projects at once. It keeps my mind occupied and always thinking.

My hobbies are sports, primarily Basketball and Football, and Video Games. Video games really aren’t a good hobby for saving money due to all the electronics involved, but I have scaled back immensely since discovering the need for freedom.

My working life has been varied and diverse as you could ever imagine, from selling cars, to selling things online, to valuing vehicles for insurance companies. My current role is a recruiter for a transportation firm.

I studied and almost sat for the Series 7 Exam, but unfortunately my sponsor pulled out of investments. A very sad day for me.

Ashley’s Story

Ashley, the love of my life, was born and raised in Omaha, NE, which is why we live here to this day. All of her family and friends are here, and it is wonderful to have them nearby.

We met over 3 years ago and it was an instant connection. She is the rock in my life and what keeps me motivated and grounded.

Ashley loves painting, photography, and even skateboards on occasion. She loves watching sports, especially her Alma mater, The University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

our story

Our Life Together

Our life is a constant blur of activity, especially with our son Riley being involved in sports and other activities. He is the sunshine in our lives and makes everything worthwhile when we can do more for him.

Our better understanding of money will be passed on to him, and not only will we better equipped to provide for him, we will teach him to be prepared for when he is earning.

That brings us to our current Journey. It is also where you come into the picture. We realized that on the path we were traveling, we would work until we were in our 70’s and never have the freedom to do the items on our bucket list.

We want to travel, we want to see the world, and we want you to be able to do that too. Of course, you can set your own goals. We won’t force ours on you!

We needed a change and we needed it in a hurry, because once you have seen the light, and you realize that what you are doing isn’t working, you change in a hurry.

This blog will chronicle that journey. This blog will chronicle our adventures and hardships through the journey.

But more importantly, this blog will give you actionable advice that you can take with you and apply to your life.

We aren’t going to learn all about financial independence and then keep that to ourselves!

What The Future Holds

Ashley and I want to experience all the adventures that life will allow. Hopefully, you’ll join us on that adventure and learn how to manage money and eliminate debt along the way.

Just because we are more frugal than ever doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to have fun. We just find creative and inexpensive ways to do it!

Our future is bound to our readers and we will take all of your comments and suggestions to heart.

We are all at different stages of our individual journey’s, so we look forward to hearing from you.

What You Mean To Us

You, Dear Reader, are the engine that drives us to do more. You are the reason we do what we do.

When we create posts with actionable content, we are disseminating the information and giving it to you so that we may understand it better.

You make this all possible.

We appreciate your readership and look forward to meeting you, or just reading your comments.

Start here at the beginning of Our Journey.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and you are always welcome here.

Thanks for reading!

Derrick, Ashley, and Riley

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