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7 Ways to Get Kids’ Clothes Free or Cheap | Spend Less!

Cut Your Clothing Expense

Every year we need 4 seasons worth of clothing for our growing babies, toddlers, and children. The expense can be very intimidating, especially if you are accustomed to purchasing brand new, name brand items.

We need to get away from this perspective and find the clothing items that work well for our children and don’t punish our wallets.

We’ve compiled a list of where we shop for our son Riley and for our extended family’s kids too. Ashley loves to buy clothes for birthdays and Christmas, just to help the rest of the family out. Her sister and brother in law have 6 kids, so Ashley is a master at finding the deals and keeping kids clothed for way less money.

Lean On Family

Our first way is one that most people don’t do enough of. Reach out on social media and see if your friends and family have some stuff they don’t need anymore. Too many people think they will be viewed as a charity case or poor by asking for hand me downs.

Don’t think of it that way. Your family is there for support and if they didn’t give you the things they didn’t need anymore, they would get tossed out or to a real charity.

Everyone knows the costs involved with keeping children clothed as they grow, you shouldn’t think twice about asking for those old clothes your family may have lying around.

Social media makes this super easy and quick!

Second-Hand Stores

There are myriad of stores out there that specialize in used children’s clothing. These stores pay parents for used clothing based on condition and style and then resell them at a reasonable price.

For those folks who need something in return for their child’s old clothes, they will bring in everything they don’t need any longer.

You can do the same, and while they determine how to give you for your old clothes, you can be shopping for that next size up that is needed.

The beauty is that these stores are very easy to get some cash and then find more goodies for your child.

Some examples of these stores are:

Search for these stores in your area! You should never be ashamed to buy used.

Clearance Stores

Clearance stores are retail outlets that usually buy the leftover stock of major retailers or brands and sell them at discounted prices. These stores have a very wide range of last years styles and sometimes even clothes with minor flaws in them.

Either way, you get a pretty good deal!

If you’d like to save even more money, these places also have clearance sections! So run into the clearance store and straight to the clearance section and shop your little heart away!

Some examples of these stores are:

There could be local or regional chains too, just keep an eye out for them.


A lot of manufacturers have their own outlet stores that will sell discounted clothes and shoes. Usually, these outlets are all collected into outlet malls. These stores can be good places to locate clothes and shoes at a discount, however, these stores sometimes sell things at full price or at a minimum discount.

Make sure you are getting the best sale price so that your budget will go much further.

Shopping at outlets means that you are committed to getting your children name brand merchandise. Our kids always get to an age that they become ostracized if they wear “lesser” brands.

Pro Tip: If you must have name brand clothes, shop these outlets, but shop their clearance sections to get the best deal possible.

Clearance Section at Big Box Stores

Shopping at major retailers like Target and JC Penney, you can still find great deals. These stores may seem cheaper than name brand or mall stores, but that is all determined on what you buy there.

We recommend that you try to stay in the clearance section of these stores as well. These stores still carry name brand clothes and shoes, so to get great deals, you’ll need to snoop the clearance racks first.


Goodwill accepts donations from people in the community and then sells the goods back to the public for the benefit of charity. Every location will have different clothes based on what was brought in.

Find a Goodwill in the best part of town and make it an adventure to find the clothes and shoes your kids may love.

Keep a look out for stains and holes, but generally, there can be good lightly used clothing found here.

Pro Tip: Goodwill runs sales! Talk to the employees there to find out if they have sales and when they will be running them. The already inexpensive clothes could get a lot cheaper.

Garage Sales/Craigslist

By simply searching the web from home, you can find garage sales and Craigslist ads that will lead you to the promised land of inexpensive clothing.

Craigslist may even have something in the free section!

For adventurous souls, it is a lot of fun to find good deals at garage sales. Throughout the summer, there can be a sale every weekend and if you plan ahead, you will have all of your child’s needs filled by the start of school.

Pro Tip: Garage sales are a great place to negotiate the price you want for an item. Ask for a discount!


All 7 of these places are a great way to get your kids outfitted in good clothes at low prices. Ashley and I have always made a game of finding the best stuff at the lowest possible price.

You’ll find that you may enjoy being frugal about your children’s clothing and shoes, but in the long run, your wallet will thank you!

Did we leave anything out? Where do you go to get the best deals on kids’ clothing? We would love to hear from you!

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