Happiness Lies in Frugality: How To Eliminate Stress By Saving Money

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The Power of Frugality

There is great power in the choices that we make, and over these last few months, I have discovered an exceptional amount of power in being frugal.

While I have brought you, Dear Reader, along on this journey, I have found ways to improve my life. Ashley and I have discovered more money and invested more than we had in the previous 3 years together.

Our M1 Finance account has grown to almost $1000!

Not impressive in pure numbers, but for our lower middle-class incomes, it is something to behold. We both have emergency funds, and this is just pure investment dollars.

Our debt numbers are slightly improving too! I will keep you updated on that front as well.

Frugality Helps With Happiness

The major reason I wanted to write this post is to give you an idea of what frugal living can do to your level of happiness. It seems that the rat race is predicated on the fact that we are running, while adopting a frugal mindset, the whole world slows down.

Let me explain, I no longer yearn for “things”. It just feels better to live life outdoors or with my hobbies. Going a week without spending money months ago would have seemed bonkers, now it happens at least once a month.

It also seems to make money less of a concern. Once you have built your emergency fund, you can focus dollars to other areas, like debt or investing. This frees your mind up and allows you to be mindful of the more important things.

My family has never been happier when we are spending real time together instead of just buying things to satiate random wants.

The Ongoing Mission

While being frugal helps to take the pressure off of our incomes, it isn’t going to get us to retirement as fast as I would like. The mission going forward will include side hustles alongside the frugality. Increasing my income will drive the success and goals that I have for my family. We will reduce and eliminate debt, and strive to never create more. Except for a mortgage. I would assume.

This website is a piece of that plan, and I look forward to growing it with you. We want you to be an involved part of our lives while improving your own lives in the process. I’m going to try and document every step of the process and keep you abreast of any revelations.

I do have another website that fits into a completely different niche and that will be an ongoing project as well.

I learned from Pat Flynn, that you need many sources of income to help sustain your goals. Feel free to check out the other site if you have any interest in basketball at all!

Income+Frugal=Happy Faces

So as I save money and try to make money, you see the net positives that come about. This should create a perfect storm of success, but I’m not going to sit back and wait for things to happen.

I urge you fervently to do the same. Do not let life take you where it wants. You are the driving force that makes your journey happen.

Make the choices that lead to more money in your pocket, pass up on the small pleasures to enjoy the larger ones later.

Once those choices are made, put in the necessary work to create more income in your life. This will lead to a whole new world of opportunity.

I know not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur but seriously consider some form of side hustle to help you reach your goals.

Remove The Stress

The biggest pain points that we face in our daily lives usually come from money issues. By saving more, we are creating a cushion that takes the immediate stress away.

The more we sock away in savings, the less likely we will be in a position of stress during an emergency.

A recent study stated that at least 46% of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck. This is unacceptable from a happiness standpoint. How can you ever hope to get ahead, or do more with your life?

De-stress your life by predicting the future. Start an emergency fund, save more money, and live well below your means. After you accomplish these steps, the stress should easily slide right off your back.

Make Tomorrow Brighter Than Today

Take a moment today and reflect on what you love most about your life. Take those things and make them fit into a more frugal lifestyle that allows you to free your money up for larger purposes.

Larger purposes like giving you Freedom From 40!

Stay tuned for all of those revelations about income and meeting our goals.

I want you to find your success and happy place too!

Have you found frugality to be a wealth of happiness? Or have you not made the leap to a frugal lifestyle yet? Let us know!

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