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A big reason you’re on my site right now is to find out what it takes to be free from working for the man, or woman, or for anyone. Freelancing is like the gateway drug to being your own business and creating for money versus trading time for money.

Recently, I have discovered the joys of freelancing and have added it to my repertoire of side hustles. It’s time I brought you along for the journey!

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Why Should You Freelance?

Freelancing is providing services as an independent contractor with no obligation of employment and complete autonomy. It sounds kind of technical, but it really just means you take on individual jobs that someone pays you to do.

What makes freelancing so powerful, is the freedom it allows you to have while maintaining the status quo of your day job. The past is filled with stories of people working two jobs to get by and or get ahead, but in this internet driven world, we can work freelance opportunities on our own time. This means no hourly wage or obligations on where you need to be.

Imagine sitting on a beach in Maui writing articles for a publication and being paid as you complete them!

This is the freedom that you are searching for and need. While it will not replace a full-time income, it will help us all reach the goal of retiring as soon as possible.

How Do You Freelance?

It’s easy! It can also be frustrating when starting out! Wait, don’t click away. Anything worth doing takes some effort, and we all are comfortable in the 9-5 routine. Freelancing will take an effort to sell yourself,  show others that you can do a task up to their standards.

Once you have built up some respectability(and reviews), it becomes easier to acquire new tasks.

Here are some sites to get you started:

  • Upwork– This site has a wealth of freelance opportunities, from software development to marketing and everything in between. Set your own rates and provide proposals to earn work.
  • Fiverr– If you can create something or do something of value, then there is a place for you on Fiverr. Create a profile that sells your skills and you’ll be off to the races.
  • Rev– This is an opportunity that allows you to transcribe or translate on a per word basis. Only take jobs or work when you want, then easily get paid.
  • UserTesting– This website helps large corporations test different aspects of their business. Market research opportunities that ask you to perform certain tasks and then you are paid exactly one week later.

While each of these sites has pros and cons, they all are a great place to get your feet wet and see what this is all about.

The Advantages

  • Freedom– Imagine a world where you casually brush away the jobs you don’t like and then grab the jobs you do with great fervor, this is the freedom you are given as a freelancer.
  • Get Paid Quickly– With UserTesting, you are paid via PayPal exactly one week after completing a task. Upwork allows you to customize how often you are paid, even as often as weekly, and has many different options on how you are paid(PayPal, ACH, etc).
  • Work In Your Pajamas– It’s a whole new world that values your abilities instead of what tie you wore that day or whether you’ve shaved or not. Freelancing allows you to be you and there is no commute!
  • Build a Portfolio– Starting may be difficult(see Disadvantages), but building a portfolio of work that can be taken with you is invaluable. Looking long term, you could be a consultant or demand higher pay, because you have the portfolio to do so.
  • Develop a Business and Entrepreneurial Mindset– If you are in the 9-5 life, you don’t always know what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Freelancing allows you to dip your toe in those waters and manage your time, tasks, and money. It isn’t a full-fledged business, but you could turn it into one.

The Disadvantages

  • Pay– The pay can be low to start. If you haven’t built a portfolio, or you don’t have many skills on offer to start, you could work a lot of hours for little pay.
  • Hustle– Freelancing is not easy, and if it was, everyone would do it. The market can be a very competitive place. Make sure you advertise yourself for your strongest talents and show your knowledge to get your first gigs.

My Experience So Far

freelancingAs 2018 closes and 2019 bears down upon us, I have found my freelancing journey to be a massive success. So far I have earned about $1000 in about a month and a half.

I started this freelance journey in November 2018, and my success came from finding freelance work on I was hired for an initial test contract writing for a financial blog(surprise!).

After the initial test post, I was given 3 more contracts to end the year. Without going into too much detail, these contracts added $1000 to my bank account and made Christmas a rousing success!

Freelancing is changing my life. The new year gives me an opportunity to grow this portion of my online business and create a sustained income.

This benefits me way more than just Christmas Gifts, it will help to make me debt free before the end of 2019!


Your dreams are going to be decided by how badly you want them. Click To Tweet

Your dreams are going to be decided by how badly you want them. Freelancing is a measurable way of testing how much you are willing to do to reach those dreams.

We want to be frugal, of course, but making more money will fill the coffers much faster. Freelancing can change your life, and we would say definitely for the better.

We’ve talked about having a business and success mindset, now go out there and do it!

Have you tried freelance work before? We want to know about your experience and any advice you’d give to those starting this amazing journey.

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