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dreams of being free

Dream Out Loud

You’ve reached a point in your life where working for “the Man” just doesn’t work for you any longer. You feel trapped and you aren’t sure where the next steps should lead you.

That doesn’t stop you from dreaming of a better life.

A life that includes being paid on your past efforts instead of your current time and workload.

You want a life where you determine what comes next, and what projects to take on.

Or you are like me and just want to sleep in past 9 every single day.

We are afraid of leaving the normal workforce, but that will never stop us from dreaming about it.

Take 5 minutes of your precious Boss’ time and dream with me.

Work Sucks

We are trained from a very young age that we are paid for the things we do. Whether with treats or allowance, we are rewarded for our actions with payment.

This is a valuable way to learn responsibility and teach the value of hard work, but how do we learn that there are other ways to earn a living?

Entrepreneurship is not taught in school and it’s one of the only ways to escape a life of earning a paycheck week to week. The only way to get past working for every dollar is to make something new that pays you, instead of working for someone else’s check.

The demands of a regular 40 hour a week job can be soul crushing and miserable. Even if you love what you do, you still may not like the way you earn money.

Put it this way, I would work 80 hours a week to build a business of my own instead of working 40 hours a week for someone else. Find motivation in creating for yourself, not just your role within a larger organization.

Work sucks, unless you are doing it for you.

Get Your Ducks in a Row

So we dream of a better life, one where our actions result in more material wealth and mental health.

We dream of making more money and throwing a resignation letter in our boss’ face.

What you need to dream of, is the ways to make that happen. You have to dream of the method, not just the result.

While you are working your 40 hours, you should be thinking of what ways your time could be better spent.

Since I started this blog, I now have 3 side hustles that I am working on concurrently with a day job. My life is consistently busy, but the work I put in now will pay off down the road. Or so I hope.

Take action to dream up the ways you would rather spend your time. What would you rather be doing?

Be Debt Free and Happy

Part of making it to the decision of being free from working, is a commitment to getting your financial life in order. It will be a lot easier to leave the workforce if you need less money to sustain your lifestyle.

  • Start by dreaming of being debt free.
  • Continue by reducing your expenditures.
  • Dream of only using what you need and reducing waste in all areas of your life.

Making more money while reducing the outflow is a recipe for financial independence, and that is what real dreams are made of.

Sleeping in past 9 isn’t going to happen in my world until I am worry and debt free.

That means to get my dreams moving, I gotta move my ass.

Make Arrangements for Awesome

You need to move your ass too. You can’t entertain dalliances and dreams of freedom and not do anything about it.

Arrange your life into a structure of goals.

As you complete one goal at a time, you’ll see real progress in achieving those dreams.

I’ve always found that what stops us is not seeing the results quickly enough. Having goals that help in the short term and long term will allow you to keep moving forward.

Stop thinking of immediate returns and think about laying the groundwork of something that pays off down the line.

I want you to be free more than anything else I could ever wish for you, but if you don’t have a plan, I can’t help you.

Don’t Stop Doing

Even if you and I reach a level of success that allows us to leave the workforce and never look back, we still have to keep being productive.

You’re thinking that you’ll sit on a beach somewhere and enjoy margaritas until the end of time.

I’m saying that is a waste of all the effort you put in before that moment.

Keep doing things to make your life better. Actually, keep doing things to make other folk’s lives better too. The rewards that come back are way better than financial.

If you accomplish your dreams, you should have created something that you are proud of.

Whether that is a business, or passive income from your creative pursuits, or made every investment count, you should love what you do.

Loving what you do leads to your dream life.

Make Dreams a Reality

We all have dreams of being free from 40 hours a week, but that freedom isn’t as “free” as we think. I challenge you to find a passion that will pay for your freedom.

Dream up the answer to the question, what will I do with my life?

It’s ok to dream big, we all do, but it will be the small actions you take now that will snowball into big accomplishments.

We want to hear about your dreams and if you are on the road to accomplishing them. There is no greater feeling than knowing we have an effect on lives and helping others.

Let us know where you are in your path to freedom in the comments below!

2 Comments on “Dreams of Being Free From 40 Hours | Turn Dreams Into Action!”

  1. I never dreamed of leaving my job because I loved it for most of my career. But when it did start to suck I had plenty of money to leave the 9 to 5 behind forever and now I do what I want. I work a little for fun but weird as it seems, I got up at 4:50 AM today to go run with my friends! I have been known to sleep til nine too. I’ve got five different side gigs and several volunteer ones and stay just as busy as I like but on a day like today, after running, I have zero plans until the evening when I’m hitting a party with friends. Will I get bored, nah, I have worked on two blog posts and now I’m reading other people’s excellent work, like your post just now. I guess my only comment is it makes just as much sense to get financially free even if you love your work because all that can change in an instant and it is really nice when it does to be able to walk away. And I always tell people to leave with a smile on your face and don’t give in to that urge to tell your boss off. It is a very small world and you just do not need to make any unnecessary enemies no matter how fun it might feel. My old corporation is one of my best clients now for my consulting so I’m kind of glad I left on friendly terms even though I wasn’t feeling that friendly inside at the time.

    1. Steve, I absolutely adore your positive outlook and look forward to being able to live a life like yours. I wish we could all be so lucky to enjoy our jobs, but I think the prevailing sentiment is that most people want out of the 9-5. Your advice for leaving with a smile and not burning those bridges is very good advice!

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