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How to Earn Money From Craigslist(with no Money!)

The Craigslist Hustles

The biggest barrier to starting any business is start-up capital. You might have the mindset and you may have the ideas, but having enough cash and capital to start something is a daunting task.

Luckily, we have a side hustle that takes little to no money, by utilizing the greatest classified site in the United States! is a wealth of items and tasks that can be used to make you money with just a little effort.

With some elbow grease and an entrepreneur style hustle, you can take zero dollars and at least start accumulating cash to build something larger.

Follow along as we give you the best ways to earn money from Craigslist with little or no money!

The Strategies


The first strategy that we have come across is finding folks that need help with specific tasks. Even within a mile of your home, there will be special gigs you can do.

craigslist hustle gigs

There is a special section towards the bottom of Craigslist’s home page that is called Gigs. These are specific tasks that someone is in need of help. These aren’t supposed to be long term jobs, just simple tasks that people are asking for.

They are broken up into a few categories, and once you find something that interests you, reach out and give them a hand.

Free Items

The next strategy we examined is tied to the Free section on Craigslist. This section allows people close to you to get rid of items that they believe are too much trouble to try and sell or haul away.

A daily scan through these ads will give you an idea if you can something that may still be of good value.

craigslist free section

Once you find these goodies, you go scoop up the free merchandise and then resell it, either on Craigslist or any other platform of your choosing.

Obviously, for larger items, you may need a vehicle to retrieve the prize, but there are still opportunities to find smaller items that you may even be able to walk and pick up.


The third hustle we will examine is by marketing your skills on Craigslist directly. By taking out an ad in the services section you can market your individual skills for free. If you are a talented painter or great at building websites, you can take out an ad and start hustling right away.

Another angle you can take to this is finding ads where folks are searching for talented peeps to help them with similar tasks.

These are different from Gigs because these folks take out ads in different sections of Craigslist to find help. Find something that suits your individual talents and reach out!

Scale the Operation

Once you have determined what angle you will approach the Craigslist side hustle, you can start to flip items or hustle services with no cost out of your pocket.

While this probably isn’t a great long term business, it can be a great way to build up your capital towards a larger idea.

By advertising your skills and services, you can also get a feel for the market. Test the business ideas you may have on live people. For example, if you want to walk dogs as a side hustle, advertise on Craigslist and see if you can get your first clients this way.

You can also scope out your local market to see what other kinds of businesses are in the area.

make money on craigslist

No matter which strategy you follow, make sure to hustle at it and get to the next level. You can collect multiple free items in one day for example, and then list them all the next. That way you have a mini stock of items to sell.

Make sure you have good judgment and pick good free items, otherwise you’ll be listing it again as FREE!

Reinvest the Proceeds

Now that you have a great hustle going, you can bank that money till your next side hustle opportunity arises. We definitely don’t recommend doing this forever, but if you enjoy this type of hustle it could be done long term.

What we truly recommend is continue researching entrepreneurship and business ideas to get an idea of what kind of start-up capital you may need.

I won’t assume where you are in life, but this Craigslist hustle becomes more difficult if you have a current full-time job. Don’t let me be a wet blanket though, go out there and kill it anyway!

The Steps:

  • Hustle for cash.
  • Bank the proceeds.
  • Research new ideas.
  • Continue the hustle till you get enough capital.
  • Invest in the new business.
  • Profit!


Craigslist is a free and local classified website that with the right ingenuity, can be used to make a great income. With some elbow grease and our tips, you can take empty pockets and start filling them quickly.

So fire up the internet and get to looking for your opportunity. Every community is different, but we have given you some great places to start looking.

We also want to hear about how you make money with the Craigslist hustle. Comment below if you have some interesting ways of using the site.

If you put our tips into action, we want to hear about that too! Have you ever done Craigslist flipping? What advice would you give to newbies about it? 

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