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be thrifty

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Hello Dear Reader, you’ve clicked on this post and you are on a mission to save money and buy used goodies!

Luckily, we have some tips that will keep you out of the high priced retailers and on the road to savings.

Buying things new is a quick way to get you into the poor house or even worse in debt. We all have needs, but let’s get those needs lightly used or worn and make them our own for pennies on the dollar.

This approach is not for the faint of heart. We are bombarded with ads that tell us that we need to be in our local mall every weekend.

While this approach will leave you far behind your peers in style.

Keeping up with others is a personality flaw.

We should never buy things to impress people or to follow in others footsteps, especially if your goal is financial independence.

You’d be surprised to learn that most people don’t give a shit what you have, nor do they respect you more or less based on that. If they do? Then they aren’t truly a friend to begin with.

So let’s take the road already traveled and find the steals and deals !

Where to Buy Used Goodies Online

We wanted to give you a short list of places to look before ever breaking down and buying something new.

We can take advantage of someone else being tired of something, even though it still works well, and make it our own until it’s usable life is done.

Facebook Ads – Facebook is a major part of our society and is a connecting thread that we all have. Luckily they have a free system where people can post things they no longer want on there! My girlfriend, AM, recently sold a lot of clothes that no longer fit using these ads. You will find all manner of goodies here, from electronics to furniture. Start shopping here before you ever leave the house.

Craigslist – This one is the old stand by and I’m sure you’ve been here, but just in case you haven’t, hear it is! You can find almost anything on Craigslist, just make sure you are safe when meeting others and try to minimize any risks taken.

LetGo – A newer player in the online used scene, but a very helpful one nonetheless! This site offers a messaging system directly in the app and very helpful search system for finding exactly what you need. Handy app for knowing the exact location near you as well.

be thrifty


Where to Buy Goodies Around Town

Goodwill – These stores have donated merchandise that they sell to help with the Non-Profit services they offer. While you shop here you are helping others!

The cool thing about Goodwill is that every store will have different things to see and buy, no two stores are alike! Don’t forget to donate some things you don’t need too.

Pawn Shops – These stores will have an abundance of merchandise and is a great place to start for some higher ticket items, like bicycles, appliances, or electronics.

Once again, no two of these will ever have the same stock, so get out there and adventure to find what you want! It’s fun! Don’t forget to negotiate, it’s part of the fun as well.

Second Hand/Thrift stores – It will take a little effort, but you can locate a ton of these stores in your area. They usually have specializations, like baby clothes, or fashion, but keep your eye out for other types as well. You can sell your things here too.

Shop for used dealsTake Action to Buy Used

These tips and places should get you started, but you have to commit to being thrifty.

It’s difficult in our consumer society to avoid the push to buy. But there are things that must be bought.

In these instances, let’s find lightly used stuff with a lot of miles left in them. The money we don’t spend here can work for us in other ways!

Let us know if you know of more places to buy used that we may have left out. We are excited to find new places to shop and adventure and we’ll share them with you if we find more!

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