ANGER to Combat DEBT

If Debt Makes You Angry, Harness That Power

Debt Makes Me Angry!

My current debt situation makes me furious!

I hope that if you are in debt, that you are furious about it as well.

Emotionally speaking, we need to get away from being in despair about our debt and more angry at the situation.

In this post, we’ll dive head first into the emotion of debt and what it takes to get out of debt.

We want you to succeed at overcoming your debt hurdles, and we will walk you through what that takes.

You Should be Angry

Anger isn’t usually associated with debt. Most of the time we get depressed or sad about our situation. These emotions lead to inaction.

We get down on ourselves, and we get into a funk of not doing anything to help the situation.

This, in turn, leads to either making things worse, by binging on more consumption, or by neglecting the steps to debt recovery.

This is what led to my anger at our situation. I realized that this cycle was repeating and nothing was happening. Until I truly got angry, I didn’t change.

The first step to getting out of debt, is changing that mindset.

Leave the depression behind by finding the anger in you at the situation.

Turn Anger Into Action

Just being mindlessly angry won’t get you anywhere, but waking up every morning and looking through that lense of anger will get you to evaluate where you are in life.

  • Question all of your new expenses.
  • Pick out your highest interest rate card and pay as much as possible on it.
  • Be angry at wasteful spending.
  • Dominate your budget and make it a habit and not just a chore.

The sooner you find that anger and have it fuel your life, the sooner you will see real results on those bills. Credit cards will never stop charging you interest(normally), so inaction will only make your life that much worse.

Use these tips to focus that anger, and start making positive changes.

Today is Better Than Tomorrow

You have to take action today. Tomorrow isn’t too late, but you’ll be that much further behind. Like we said before, start paying down the highest interest rate debt first.

The reason is because that debt is most likely costing you the most everyday. If you have interest rates in the 15-25% range, they are destroying you financially.

Paying the minimums or just above will leave you in this debt hole for years.

Calculate out what you can afford to pay on this card first and power through the debt as quickly as you can.

Watching that balance go down every month is reassuring, but it brings resolve to you to continue crushing that debt out of existence.

No more excuses, no more trade offs. Make debt the priority and the rest of your life will fall in line. There are so many success stories out there of folks putting their mind you eliminating debt, that you will have the inspiration to destroy your debt, and to be angry at it.

Don’t put this off. You came to this article looking for help in getting debt relief, so waiting one more day will not give you that relief.

Debt Mindset

One of the major problems that really makes me angry, is that we have a debt mindset as a society.

We are taught to get instant gratification, even if it means paying for it later.

How does that make any sense! Why in hell would you want to go into debt for things like, dinners, movies, alcohol, or any other vice or entertainment option?

That is just the beginning, because much larger purchases are almost automatically put on credit. Cars, boats, appliances, furniture, it all gets thrown on credit because the lower monthly payment is more attractive to us.

This Is what I like to call the “Debt Mindset”. Basically, it is the thought process of assuming you’ll just put things on credit instead of planning and saving ahead.

As a culture, we are mostly in this Debt Mindset.

Until we figure out how to make every purchase with money we already have, we aren’t going to get out of this mindset.

If you want to get out of debt, it isn’t just about paying off what you owe. You must stop creating debt to begin with.

Wealth Mindset

That brings us to the other side of the spectrum, the “Wealth Mindset”. This mindset looks to save every available dollar and make that dollar work towards making us more money.

This is either by investing or by starting and running a business.

This mindset doesn’t look to create debt in our personal lives just for material possessions. This mindset also doesn’t have a need to get angry at their situation.

The Wealth Mindset might seem a million miles away from where you are right now, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You need to adopt this mindset sooner rather than later.

Create the habits of wealthy people to help you get to where they are.

Surprisingly, wealthy people don’t spend their wealth (The Millionaire Next Door, affiliate link). The large majority of them became wealthy by scrimping and saving.

My Grandfather made 6 figures throughout the 1980’s and my Grandmother would clip coupons every weekend from the Sunday paper. They did not believe in spending anymore than was absolutely necessary.

They lived in the same home for over 20 years and saved and saved. My Grandparents became millionaires, but it took many years to accomplish.

Dedication to the Wealth Mindset means that you can get there too.

Negatives To Positives

I’m sure you’re wondering why you need all this negative(angry) energy just to pay off debt. Ultimately, you don’t have to be angry. I am proposing a different way of looking at the soul crushing debt that is strangling us all.

If you believe putting on a happy face and pushing forward with all the optimism in the world will rule the day, then I suggest you do that.

More often than not, we are burdened by this debt and it is more of a drag on our emotional state than we care to admit.

So get angry. Get angry at it and at yourself a little bit too. Once the burden is relieved to an extent, you can revisit these emotions and see what works best.

I am the happiest-go-luckiest person, but when it comes to my mistakes, I am the hardest on myself. I won’t stand by and let my future be dictated by those mistakes other than to learn from them.

Take that negative(debt) and turn it into a positive(debt-free).


Use your anger to get what you want most out of life. Focus it into a force that attacks the burdens that are holding you back.

Debt is not to be trifled with and if we don’t take action today, our financial future will not be a pretty one.

I want every single one of you to succeed and make debt a part of your past.

We need to work together to make that happen.

Reach out to me in comments and I will help you with any questions you may have, and I look forward to seeing that anger at our Debt Mindsets.

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